The Borzoi dogs puppies for sale were fierce hunters of wolves, foxes and hares; they are wonderfully colored.
Borzoi puppies for sale

Borzoi Dog

Borzoi puppies for sale

The Borzoi dogs puppies for sale was probably bred by crossing the Arabian Greyhound with the longered haired Russian Sheepdogs. Until 1936, this breed was known as the Russian Wolfhound. The AKC name is now Borzoi which means swift in Russian. Fierce on the hunt, this sight hound was used for hundreds of years to hunt wolves, fox and hare in the open plains of Russia. The hound will have various colors and shades that make for a wonderfully colored dog with a silky and sometimes wavy or curly hair. A soft undercoat provides for protection from the harsh Russian weather and is usually very thick during the winter months. The dense outer coat is shed during the warmer or summer season which allows the dog to remain cool.

The Borzoi is a very fast and self-sufficient dogs puppies for sale and will bark only when necessary.
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