The Pudelpointer puppies for sale can be both a hunting companion and a family pet; their temperament is one of cooperation, loyality, devotion, and obedience.
Pudelpointer puppies for sale


Pudelpointer puppies for sale

The Pudelpointer puppies for sale are much more than a hunting dog for those wanting a family pet. The Pudelpointer is all hunting dog for those who are looking for a hunting companion. The Pudelpointer was developed strictly for hunting, and a hunter was created. The Pudelpointer has remarkable family dog traits as well.

In the late nineteenth century when hunting breeds were in their prime in Europe. Baron von Zelditz along with lesser known breeders set out to create the perfect hunting dog. The Pudelpointer was suppose to be this super hunting dog. The goal of Von Zelditz was to make a dog that was resistant to adverse weather, able to hunt equally on land or water, able to run game or retrieve it. The Pudelpointer was supposed to do it all. The Baron bred German hunting Poodles and English Pointers to bring about Pudelpointer.
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