Loved by Europeans for centuries the Papillon is a breed that is very easy to love.
Papillon puppies for sale

Papillon Papillion puppy

Papillon puppies for sale

Loved by Europeans for centuries the Papillon puppies for sale are a breed that is very easy to love. The Papillon puppies for sale are smart looking dogs that your family will love for years. The Papillon is wonderful breed full of all the things that make a great companion.

The Papillon is rich in history. It is one of the oldest recorded breeds in Europe. There are records of the Papillon dating back almost seven hundred years. It has been present in paintings of the Italian Renaissance. The Papillon was the pet of French and Spanish nobles. Originally the breed had dropped ears and was known as the Epagneul Nain, and then the name was changed to the Continental Toy spaniel. Erect and the common dropped ears began appearing in single litters of Continental Toy spaniels. These erect ears resembled the wings of butterflies.
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