Brittany dogs puppies for sale is a friendly, loving dog, who loves to hunt and romp in the outdoors.
Brittany puppies for sale

Brittany dog breed

Brittany puppies for sale

The Brittany is often referred to as the Brittany Spaniel, which was its original name, the AKC changed it to the American Brittany. The dogs puppies for sale came into existence around the 1800s in the Brittany province of France.
A solidly built dog, it is of smaller size, compact and light, making it more agile. This is actually its main advantage; its smaller size allows it to go where others cannot. One unusual ability of the Brittany dogs puppies for sale is they can be trained to hunt with a hawk. It can easily be trained to hunt in sync, guiding it to the prey and holding a point until receiving other commands.
It is sometimes said the Brittanies never grow up, as they retain their puppy-like quality in their personality, and are gentle and clownish in nature. They are sensitive and sweet and male excellent family pets.
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