The Pug puppies for sale is one of the most popular dogs today; formerly only the property of Royalty, and notables of history they are now available to everyone.
Pug puppies for sale


Pug puppies for sale

The Pug puppies for sale are one of the most popular dogs around today. The ancestors of the Pug puppies for sale have been owned by royalty, notables of history and those who were just enamored with the breed. It is hard to imagine something as unique looking as the Pug as being any more lovable.

Pugs are definitely one of the oldest breeds that is still around today. The Pug has been documented as far back 400 BC. A breed this old is bound to have a few theories concerning its origin. The one thing that most Pug scholars and enthusiasts agree on, is that the Pug most likely originated in Asia. That being said, the theories begin to vary. Some believe the Pug is the descendant of the Pekingese. Others insist that the breed is the crossing of small Bulldogs. The French Mastiff is believed the progenitor of the Pug by still others.
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