Blackmouth Cur is a loyal dog who attaches to the entire family and lives to protect and please.
Blackmouth Cur puppies for sale

Black Mouth Cur Pup

Blackmouth Cur puppies for sale

When one thinks of a “cur,” thoughts turn to an undesirable and lack luster animal. This is not what a Blackmouth Cur is. The dogs puppies for sale are multitalented and are herding dog, hunting dog, and gentle, loving family dog which will protect the children, livestock, and the home. The Cur has its origins in the American South and is very well liked for the mentioned reasons. There are so many varieties of the Cur that it is impossible to make one observation apply to all of the animals, but generally, the dogs puppies for sale will weigh from forty-five to ninety-five pounds and stand from sixteen to twenty-five inches tall. Some have heavy coats and some have light coats. All Curs live between twelve to sixteen years.
The Blackmouth Cur is a muscled-up dog and comes in many different colors.
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There are no Blackmouth Cur dog’s puppies for sale in North Carolina at this moment.

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