Boxer dogs puppies for sale.
Boxer puppies for sale

Boxer dog breed

Boxer puppies for sale

The Boxer was developed in Germany in the 19th century the intimates were two German mastiff brand dogs. The Boxer is recognized for the method it uses its front legs to hit it`s challenger, appearing to be boxing with the front paws. Some of the Boxer's talents are supervisory body, guarding, police work also, military work.

The body of e Boxer is solid and influential. The head is in proporced with the Boxer`s body. The muzzle is dumpy and dulled with a discrete stop. The Boxer`s nose is big and black . Boxer has eyes dark and brown eyes. Cropped ears are taught to stand up on the head. The neck of a Boxer is supposed to be round, muscular, and without dewlap. The strong front legs are straight when viewed from the front. The back legs have strong musles. Boxer`s tail is usually set up high.

The Boxer is glad, cheerful, good-humored, inquisitive and lively.
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There are no Boxer dog’s puppies for sale in Ohio at this moment.

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