The Jagterrier puppies for sale were bred to be better hunters, by nature they are snappy, high spirited and independent; highly intelligent they can be trained to be an excellent companion.
Jagdterrier puppies for sale


Jagdterrier puppies for sale

The Jagterrier puppies for sale were a response to disappointment. Have you ever seen something on TV and thought, that’s a good idea. So, you purchase it and decide, that was a waste of money. Have you ever thought you could make something better if you did it yourself? The Jagdterrier puppies are descendants of a similar thought.

German hunters in the early twentieth century became disenchanted with the purchases they had made. A group of German hunters were very disappointed in the British breeds of hunting dogs they had purchased. They felt these dogs had lost their edge because of the show ring. The dogs they felt were no longer worthy to be called hunters, because of their lackluster showings in the field. They were looking for a dog that was energetic, and aggressive, and believed that they wouldn’t find this breed unless they created it.

The Jagdterrier was the German answer.
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