The Boerdoel is truly a family dog, loyal to the entire family and protective, powerful and strong.
Boerboel puppies for sale

Boerdoel Pup

Boerboel puppies for sale

It has been said power is strength under control. The Boerboel dogs puppies for sale are going to be powerful dogs. They will also grow up to be powerfully loved by any family that chooses one. The Boerboel breed is a living evidence of strength.

The breed grew out of the country of Egypt, after it was conquered. The breeds descendants remained by mixing with other breeds as it spread across the continent of Africa. Alexander the Great brought the still unknown other influences. In the mid seventeenth century Jan van Riebeeck introduced the Bullenbitter to the breed. The influx of European immigrants to Africa and their dogs influenced the breed as well. Breeds like the Bull Mastiff and the English Long Legged Bulldog. Refinement of the breed through responsible breeding didn’t occur until the ladder part of the twentieth century.
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There are no Boerboel dog’s puppies for sale in Oklahoma at this moment.

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