Akbash dogs puppies for sale
Akbash Dog puppies for sale

akbash dog

Akbash Dog puppies for sale

The Akbash Dogs puppies for sale are beautiful white dogs. They will grow into dutiful guardians, which are more than capable of taking care of their family or its flock. The breed usually weighs in at ninety to one hundred-thirty pounds and stands around twenty-eight to thirty-two inches tall. This is the Hulk Hulgan of flock guardians.

The Akbash and Coban Kopeg are other names for the Akbash dog puppies for sale. They are considered a rare breed. They truly are an ancient breed. The Akbash Dog breed was refined over three thousand years ago by shepherds in today’s western Turkey. This Turkish breed gets its name from this area known as the Kabas. The solid white color is a striking characteristic of these dogs puppies for sale. The color is the first thing to catch your eye.
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