The Bloodhound is a noble, loyal, scenthound. The only dog whose evidence will be accepted in a court of law.
Bloodhound puppies for sale

Bloodhound Pup

Bloodhound puppies for sale

The Bloodhound puppies for sale look as if they are not paying attention to the world, but are just a happy go lucky dog. In truth, they are very aware of their world in terms of the smells around them. The Bloodhound breed is more than one thousand years old. Most scent hounds can trace their lineage back to the Bloodhound. The dog has been used to track lost children, criminals, coons, runaway slaves, deer and most any animal that travels on the ground. The hound is more interested in tracking that in finding; and has no interest at all in the kill. Bloodhounds are mild mannered, slow moving (unless on scent) pleasant dogs which are hard to obedience train. More interested in the smells around him his attention span is short. Bloodhounds were bred for one thing, scent tracking and they will do that better than others, to the exclusion of his name being called or his leash tightening around his neck.
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