Afghan Hounds dogs puppies for sale are sighthounds which means they hunt by sight. They were used as a shepherd and as a hunter of deer, wild goats, snow leopards, wolves and many more.
Afghan Hound puppies for sale

afghan hound dogs

Afghan Hound puppies for sale

This breed is an elegant, ancient dog, native to Sinai and pictured in the northern caves of Afghanistan more than 4000 years ago. The dogs are mentioned several times in Egyptian papyruses. A pure breed for centuries, exportation was prohibited. It arrived in Europe as contraband early in the 20th century.

Considered an aristocratic “sighthound”, the Afghan is tall and slender with a narrow, long, refined head, a silky topknot and powerful jaws. The rear part of the head is prominent. The muzzle is slightly convex. The nose is black. It has very little stop, which is the transition area from back skull to muzzle. The teeth should be in a scissor or level bite. Almond shaped dark eyes with ears that lie flat to the head. A long strong neck with the back almost level from the withers and the abdomen well tucked up.
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