Alpine Dachsbracke

Alpine Dachsbracke puppies for sale

The Alpine Dachsbracke dogs puppies for sale are short legged dynamos. They will bring love and years of entertainment to your household. Bred to be a tracking dog this breed is full of potential in other activities as well. The Crown Prince Rudolph of Habsburg brought about this breed for hunting trips in to Turkey and Egypt. You can bring your puppy home to enjoy it. These puppies will grow into a quite manageable member of your family. There breeding has instilled in them a remarkably friendly and intelligent personality. They can be your buddy wherever you decide to take them. Their size is one that is easily accommodated making it easy to take your companion with you on a drive to the beach or a short trip to friends. They usually weigh anywhere from thirty-three to forty pounds. They are rarely taller than sixteen inches. The breed is very welcoming to apartment dwelling. They are very active inside. A creative owner may be able to enhance the dogs indoor activities by playing on the dogs naturally bred instincts. A good game of “‘hide and seek” with an old sock or a favorite sock will add entrainment to the puppies indoor time. This type of activity will allow you to become the “pack leader” providing teachable moments and entertainment for you as well. A brisk walk is also enjoyed by these puppies as well. Their dense bottom coat and thick outer coat make these dogs waterproof. So, inclement weather is not an issue for them. You runners will always have a running partner. The Alpine Dachsbracke dogs puppies for sale were bred for stamina. So, you power walkers and marathoners will have a companion that will never complain and probably push you harder. These dogs puppies for sale have delightfully smooth coats. Their preferred colors are deer-red with black intermixed, and black with quite visible red and brown markings about the head. The coat being smooth needs little extra care. The Alpine Dachsbracke puppies are best groomed as a baby. Gentle soap baths, soft brushings. Keep their ears clean and trim their nails occasionally. That’s it, grooming is a breeze. The least of the worries, with this breed of dogs puppies for sale, is its health issues. There are none other than normal aging and common instances. The breed suffers from no genetic diseases or conditions. That is no worry for your mind or wallet. The Alpine Dachsbracke dogs puppies for sale here are a breed that any owner would enjoy as a member of their family. They require no real effort other than a common sense approach to care giving. They are suited for any lifestyle urban or rural, an apartment or home with a large yard. The breed’s appearance is the classic small hunter. It will be impossible not to find yourself talking about your friend to a passerby when you are out. Its friendly nature will only make your new companion a joy in any social situation. This short legged ambassador will be the Crown Prince or Princess of Your Heart.