American Mastiff

American Mastiff puppies for sale

There is nothing more comforting than a treasured friend. A strong and fiercely devoted friend is even better. Now, take all these pluses and add one more; a friend that doesn’t slobber. Now, that is a win, win, situation beyond a doubt. The American Mastiff dogs puppies for sale are that friend. This American gentle giant is a wonderful breed of dog. On an Ohio farm, the Flying W, more than twenty years ago, Frederick Wagner wanted to bring about a breed of mastiff that didn’t drool as much as any of the mastiff breeds. He also wanted to rid the breed of its bouts with dysplasia. Mr. Wagner, being a lover of the mastiff breed, desired to expand its life span as well. The American Mastiff dogs puppies for sale have, for all intentional purposes, brought his wishes into being. Wagner achieved these goals by an acutely deliberate breeding program. All the good that was found in the Anatolian and English Mastiffs were selected in the dogs puppies that would be the foundation of this breed. All the wonderful trades found in both of founding breeds can be found in the American Mastiff. The American Mastiff dogs puppies for sale are almost identical to the English mastiff in appearance. The American Mastiff has a tighter bottom lip. The breed drools a great deal less than its other mastiff cousins, because of this tight lip. The firm lip may be a symbol of the dog’s enhanced dignity. The American Mastiff is a quiet calm dog. It will do fine in any home. The dog is relative inactive indoors and needs only a daily walk to keep them happy. The American Mastiff tends to become lazier as it matures. Exercise is a must since extra weight can become a health issue. These are very large dogs. They can be as tall as thirty six inches. The smaller dogs weigh in around one hundred-forty pounds. The bred can weight upward to and sometimes over two hundred pounds. These American Mastiff dogs puppies for sale are gentle giants. The breed is very loving and devoted. These dogs are very intelligent, not only in the sense of trainability. They are very patient. They also seem to have very real sense of wisdom. These qualities of the American Mastiffs make them a natural with children. They love children as a rule. There is no wonder the breed is a sought after service and companion dog. Don’t forget that even though it is a real “softy”, it is still a dog. An owner must set the order of the pack. This is a very large dog and it needs to know its place, its owner is the “pack leader”. Once these boundaries have been set, this companion will only be a joy. The American Mastiff dogs puppies for sale are a living testament to Mr. Wagner’s success developing the breed. The American Mastiff has very low numbers of incidents of large breed health problems. Dysplasia is not a real concern with this breed. The short coat of the American Mastiff is short Fawn, apricot and brindle is the preferred colors the American Mastiff. Its shiny smooth coat is no chore. The dogs puppies for sale is no chore, only a joy. The American Mastiff has an average, lifespan of ten to twelve years. We say average meaning a longer life is a real possibility. This lifespan is very rare, in a breed of dog this large. Mr. Wagner really brought about a winner. The American Mastiff can only be thought of as a dog lover’s prize.