Australian Bulldog

Australian Bulldog puppies for sale

Named by Noel and Tina Green the Aussie Bulldogs were founded from two breeding programs. Pip Nobes and Noel and Tina Green all had previously been breeding bulldog types of dogs that were designed to be a functional Bulldog. This type of dog had strength, endurance, and size to do the job that was set out for them. The breeds set out to make personality and health in a dog their number one priority, maintaining the Bulldog look. The Australian Bulldog dogs puppies for sale are a recognized breed by the general public, but not yet recognized by the ANKC as a pedigreed breed. All lines of Australian Bulldogs puppies for sale come with a Breed Certificate for the Documentation of their ancestry. The United Aussie Bulldog Association issued this certification by contacting Tina Green, Pip Nobes and Louise Cauchi. The public heard about these dogs when Burkes Back Yard featured them in 1998. Once made public the interest was overwhelming with email, mail and phone calls to the breeders all looking to purchase a puppy. Shortly thereafter the Cauchi line was added to the breeding program. The program grew from there adding 30-40 enthusiastic breeders joining all three lines of Bulldogs. Nobes lines and Green lines were heavily based on the British Bulldog, Bullmastiff, Boxer and a small percentage of Staffy. The Cauchi’s dogs were based on the JD Johnson line of American Bulldog, which are similar in height and head type to the Boxer and Bullmastiff. Breeding stock now has five generations. Consistency is better with the Aussie Bulldog is better than a lot of Pedigreed breeds in breed true to type Males are 18-20 inches with females being 17-19 inches high. The male’s weight is 60-78 pounds and the female 50-61 pounds. The Australian Bulldog has a smooth, fine, short=haired coat which is easy to groom. Brush and comb with a firm brush and bathe only when necessary. The face does require wiping with a damp cloth every day to clean inside the wrinkles. The breed is an average shedder. Although the Aussie Bulldogs puppies for sale have been bred with the intent to eliminate health problems, that does not mean they do not have any. The breed is young enough that it is felt that the majority of the breed is of sound structure, good health and well natured. Australian Bulldogs puppies for sale are not recommended for apartment life. They should not be left outside all day in a kennel, they were bred to be an inside dog. However they do need plenty of exercise. Long daily walks or swimming in the summer will keep them in shape. They chill easily and do not do well in extreme cold, they also have trouble cooling off in very hot weather. Body structure overall should be one of great strength with a good hardy bone structure. Males should be compact while a longer body is preferred in the female for ease in whelping. The back line should be level top line with their tail straight off the back being docked or not. The Australian Bulldog comes in several colors, fawn, apricot, orange, red, mahogany, at least five shades of bridle and white. Some dogs are pied as well. The Aussie Bulldog is intelligent, loyal, and loving, good with children, fun loving and pretty easy going. They love swimming and playing Frisbee. They will be a good watch dog at maturity, but not a guard dog. They are easily trainable. They crave leadership from their owners. The Australian Bulldog has a personality to which everyone could get attached.