Berner Laufhund

Berner Laufhund puppies for sale

The Berner is known in the United States as the Small Bernese Hound. The dogs puppies for sale are a good scent hound and stands from 15 to 23 inches tall. The origins, of the dog, lie in Switzerland and is popular worldwide. This really is one very powerful dog and has been used to hunt big game animals all over the world. In most places the dogs puppies for sale is considered a hunting dog. Many hunters consider these dogs puppies for sale to be the single best hunting dog in the world. That of course would depend upon who you ask. The Berner is a hound and as such belongs to one of the larger classes of dogs. They are such good hunters and exude some of the most desirable characteristics of the breed. The Berner is majestic and just a beautiful dog to behold. His presence in the field is strong and sure and immediately you will know that you are hunting over a very athletic dog whose power is self-evident. Their legs are strong as is the shoulder mass. The large chest harbors the internal organs without crowding and also gives the dog very good endurance in the hunt. The coat of the Berner is very smooth and soft. The one exceptional thing about these dogs puppies for sale are the fact that shedding is minimal. The most common coloring of the dog is white with large black spots across the back and into the hip area. The tail is fairly short with a blob of hair at the end of it. Normal care is all that is needed on this coat. A simple brushing once or twice per week should take care of keeping the coat presentable and soft. Exercise of this breed is very important. As with most dogs puppies for sale, they want to please their master and work hard at gaining acceptance and becoming a member of the family pack. The temperament is one of ease and they relate well with other dogs and other pets within the home. The bark of the dog is distinctive and thus provides an ample alarm system for a good guard dog. One thing that will be noticed is the fact that the dog is fearless and can get aggressive, if not trained well. The dog is more comfortable in a large open setting and should not be confined to an apartment for any length of time. Berners do well inside but must have necessary guidance as to proper behavior inside. As with all dogs puppies for sale, establishing yourself as the Alpha is important. Training in a consistent, calm and affectionate manner is the key. Instructions should not be loud or mean. This is especially important with larger breed dogs puppies for sale. Professional obedience training is always a plus. The Berner will reward your training efforts by being one of your most protective, close friends.