The Blue Lacy is a herding and hunting dog who was bred in Texas hill country and is highly popular in that area.
Blue Lacy puppies for sale

Blue Lacy

Blue Lacy puppies for sale

This dogs puppies for sale was developed in Texas Hill country by four brothers with the last name of Lacy. When the Lacy’s moved from Kentucky to Texas in 1858, they found a need for a hog dog and through breeding of Greyhounds, scent hounds and coyotes, the Blue Lacy was born. Several sources say that the presence of the Lacy’s in the Hill Country influenced a famous novel “Old Yeller” as written by Fred Gipson, who was raised in a neighboring county. The Blue Lacy worked for colonial Americans for over a century in the Southwestern US. As family owned ranches disappeared so did the Blue Lacy. Near extinction it was rediscovered and brought back to viability by the United States Trappers, which prefer this masterful hunting companion to almost any other.
All Lacy dogs puppies for sale carry a blue-color gene and no matter the color they exhibit on their coat they are referred to as a Blue Lacy.
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