The Boston Terrier is an alert little dog, who is friendly and loves his family; pleasant and calm, they do well with children.
Boston Terrier puppies for sale

Boston Terrier Pup

Boston Terrier puppies for sale

The Boston Terrier puppies for sale are an American dog who had its beginnings in the 18th century. The little animals are petite and compact with a square face and a wrinkle free muzzle. The dogs puppies for sale stand from 15 to 17 inches tall and weigh between 10 and 25 pounds.

The color of the Boston Terrier is described as being a seal color with combinations of white, black, or brindle. A majority of the white coloring will be in the area of the chest. The coat is shiny and smooth and does not shed much. Brushing is needed only about one time per week just to remove the dead hair from the animal.

The little dogs puppies for sale are very friendly and really like to please their masters or family. They have a pleasant and calm behavior. The dog is sometimes very stubborn and would benefit from good obedience training.
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