Bruno Jura Hound

Bruno Jura Hound puppies for sale

This breed of dogs puppies for sale were first seen in the middle ages. Used for hunting in the French-Swiss Mountain range over rough and rugged terrain. The Bruno was able to navigate this terrain with ease and track over rocks and boulders. Used mostly for hunting hare they were known for tracking for miles. A part of the hound family, the Bruno is smaller than most other hounds. They have long ears which are set low on their head, eyes are a dark color, and with a rather large head they are usually either black with tan spots or tan with a black saddle. The Bruno’s coat can be either smooth haired or rough according to which line of the breed dogs puppies for sale they belong to. The St.Hubert’s breed has a smooth coat of fine short hair. The tail is held at a medium height pointing upwards but not in a curl. For centuries this dogs puppies for sale were used for hunting and their instinctual hunting instincts are still strong. They enjoy going for walks through the woods with an owner who is hunting or just enjoying the outdoors. They are a wonderful dogs puppies for sale for an outdoorsman, but do not make good indoor pets. They could live inside, but only if exercised daily for several hours. Think of them as a wild animal who has been tamed. They are very affectionate, gentle and even tempered. They will be protective of their owners and the owner’s property. They are fine with children, but may become over excited and knock a smaller person down. They are agile and strong. They must be introduced to strangers as they will not accept them on their own, a firm hand will be necessary when strangers appear. The Bruno Hounds dogs puppies for sale range in size from 17-23 inches tall and weigh about 34-44 pounds. They have a life expectancy of about 10 - 13 years. Excellent hunters and great companions, they will accompany you on any outdoor hike, through any type of terrain.