Bucovina Shepherd Dog

Bucovina Shepherd Dog puppies for sale

The Bucovina Shepherd Dogs puppies for sale are descendants of the Dacians, which were used by the Romans, and later by the Romanians to guard sheep. They are a strong rustic dog which is sometimes called the Romanian Bucovina Shepherd. Used for the majority of their history to guard the herd from predators and theives, the puppies for sale have both herding and hunting abilities This breed has a bushy tailed which is covered with longer and thicker hair. Their coat is white with black, brindle or sand-charcoal colored patches. The Bucovina Shepherd does not have longer hair but thicker hair which needs brushing on a daily basis. Speckles of color sometimes appear on the legs. When these puppies for sale bark, predators will be turned away, their bark has been described as thunderous and will signal its owner of any intruders. As a partner to Romanian shepherds for centuries, these dogs were bred carefully to cultivate and preserve their strong guarding and protection instincts. Now these instincts work in a homeowners favor as the dogs puppies for sale will remain alert and courageous. It distrusts strangers instinctively. Just as he once patrolled the perimeter of the pasture where the flock resided, they will patrol the perimeter of the household in which they live. Even tempered, these dogs are great family dogs puppies for sale protecting, yet enjoying a carefree romp with the children. Known to be very gentle with children, you should not trust them with smaller pets. Other canines would be accepted if they were raised with them from a puppy. These dogs are high energy and need a lot of exercise. They are not suitable for apartment living. Confining the dog would produce a destructive dog. A large yard and active companions are needed to keep this dog happy and healthy. If you are lucky enough to live on a farm, this may be the perfect dog for you. The Bucovina dogs puppies for sale are known for their protection and guarding ability. In a rural setting the dog would protect the perimeter of the property, setting an alarm to warn of intruders, and capable of protecting on command. With a height of up to 30 inches these dogs puppies for sale are very intimidating to those unfamiliar or not belong to the family pack. It is important that you establish yourself as the leader so you have control when this protection attitude is taken, it is only at your command, or in necessary circumstances. Only you and your family will be these dogs puppies for sale pack members and will be safe, enjoying a great big friendly dog, who will protect and guard you.