Bully Kutta

Bully Kutta puppies for sale

A “Heavily Wrinkled Dog” is the translation of the Bully Kutta puppies for sale. They are a Molosser type of dogs puppies for sale from Pakistan. The theory is there was a Mastiff breed present in the sub-continent of Indo-Pakistan and when the British came they brought with them their Bull Terriers and other Mastiff types of dogs, which bred with the local dog and that is why there are so many different types of Bully Kutta is Pakistan today. There are many theories about the origin of this breed. Another theory is that the breed originated in the Desert areas of Sindh. The former theory is the most accepted one. The Bully Kutta puppies for sale are also known as the Pakistani Mastiff. There are various types of Bully Kutta from region to region. Some of the well-known types are: 1) Ancient Type Bully Kutta, 2) Aseel Bully Kutta, 3) Mastiff Type Bully Kutta, 4) Nagi Bully Kutta, 5) Modern Bully Kutta. As might be imagined, this is not an apartment dog. The dogs puppies for sale are found in the rural areas of Pakistan and not in the cities. Because of their strength and endurance these animals are sought after for guard dogs. Some of the dogs have fallen into the hands of those who use the dogs for blood sport. A male Kutta will stand from 32 to 40 inches at the shoulder. The female will be just a bit shorter at 28 to 36 inches tall. The male will weigh in at about 170 pounds with the female being just a bit smaller, at 150 pounds. The Kutta has a short and smooth coat that is usually white. The dog was used in hunting large game such as bear and wild boars. This animal is not one for the inexperienced dog handler. It is intelligent and expresses certain nobility in demeanor. With good socialization and better training the Kutta will be a companion for owners who are aware of this dog’s ability. The dogs puppies for sale can be very protective as they have a natural instinct for guarding the property of its owner. This powerful mastiff has strong bones and is very muscular. A well developed jaw is also quite strong and capable of delivering a painful bite. Well raised Bully Kutta puppies for sale are good with kids, very loving and playful. In Pakistan they are mostly used for protection and guarding purposes, aloof, not tolerating strangers. This Mastiff will not listen if they sense that they are stronger minded than their owner. The importance of establishing the Alpha lead in a pack cannot be overstressed. When the decision is made to acquire a dog, a puppy, one will have to resign himself or herself to the important task of assuming the Alpha lead of the pack. If this is not done, the dog will develop into a burden and not become a valuable member of the family. By nature, dogs puppies for sale are pack animals that must have leadership within the pack or the family. Do not assume that the dog puppies for sale will recognize you as the Alpha leader as soon as you bring the dog home. As the leader of the pack, one does not have to be mean and loud to exert control over the dogs. A consistent set of rules, enforced in a firm non-yielding manner will maintain the leadership; harsh words, or physical abuse is not the answer; exhibiting a natural leadership works much better. It important to take the place of leadership before the animal outgrows his awe of you, because frankly a dog as large as these will reach a point where only their respect for you is the reason for obedience. If you are in need of a guard dog and can obtain excellent training, this may be the dogs puppies for sale for you.