Canadian Pointer

Canadian Pointer puppies for sale

The Canadian pointer puppies for sale are hunters by nature. They are quiet house dogs by choice. These dogs are a cross section of some of America’s most beloved dogs. The whole mixture has a hunting background; but can be found in just about every neighborhood in America. The Canadian Pointer is not Canadian at all. These Canadian Pointer puppies for sale are true New England Yankees. The breed birthplace was Northeastern America. The breed was started by hunters. The Canadian Pointer is thought to be a cross of the Labrador Retriever, Portuguese Pointer and the English Pointer, The breed came into its own around the 1880’s. The Canadian Pointer resembles a bushier version of the English Pointer. The Canadian Pointer puppies were used in colder weather hunting especially in the Northeastern U.S. and Canada. This breeds ability to deal with cold weather hunting in Canada brought about the name. The numbers of the Canadian Pointer declined due to a number of factors in the 193O’s. The Canadian Pointer has started to rebound through the efforts of enthusiasts and others. The Canadian Pointer puppies for sale are still a small sample of a few. The Canadian Pointers should be considered rare today. There are less than one hundred twenty-five registered yearly. The Canadian Pointer puppies are rare but they are a rare jewel. The breed is intelligent. The Canadian Pointer is not just smart in the fact that it can follow directions, but it is a problem solver. The dog will make a decision but prefers for you to make them. This type intelligence is what makes this breed a superior gun dog. The Canadian Pointer is very observant, and alert which makes it a wonderful gun dog. The breeds’ natural sense of awareness lessens the need to guide the dog. The Canadian Pointer is an excellent guide. This is why these dogs were so widely sought after. The hunters wanted a Canadian Pointer because of the fore mentioned characteristics. The Canadian Pointer puppies for sale are just as valuable to a family for the same reasons. Their level headed nature makes them a wonderful horse dog. The Canadian Pointer puppy is moderately active inside and would rather curl up at its master’s feet. The intelligence of the dog makes training relatively easy. Its desire to please only makes the task easier. The only commitment to enlist in the training process is that of your own. Proper training and socialization at an early age will only make a good dog better; The Canadian Pointer is naturally friendly and loyal. Training will do away with the residuals of these traits. Problems of being overprotective and clingy won’t be an issue. The Canadian Pointer puppies for sale resemble bushier English Pointers. They come in basically three color schemes. These colors are black and white, light and dark brown and white. The coat is easy to maintain brushing once a week and a damp clean cloth wipe should do it. They stand no more than twenty-eight inches in height and weigh up to seventy-five pounds. A daily walk, a little mental and physical exercise, and a hug, should keep these dogs happy. The breed may be prone to hip dysplasia and cherry eye. Contact your vet with any questions concerning the breed. They will be great resource. The Canadian Pointer puppies for sale are Americans in reality. They will never be known as the ugly Americans by any means. These are wonderful dogs that are as happy in the field or on the rug. They are happy as long as you are nearby.