Catahoula Cur

Catahoula Cur puppies for sale

The Catahoula Cur puppies for sale are beautiful examples of a hunting dog. The Catahoula Cur is also an excellent example of a protector. They definitely be a challenge but they are definitely a joy to call your own. Like many old dogs of the United States, the Catahoula Cur’s history is not an exact. It is believed to be a descendant of Nordic dogs. These dogs are believed to have arrived three hundred or maybe even five hundred years before the Spanish set foot on North America. The Catahoula gets its name from the Northeastern parish of Catahoula in Louisiana. The Catahoula Cur became the Louisiana state dog in 1979. The breed was originally used to bring in feral pigs and livestock in out of the brush and swamps. These dogs rose and excelled at the challenge. Today they are the preferred dog of wild boar hunters and other North American dangerous game. They are still the rough and tumble vaqueros rounding up strays on ranches. The Catahoula Cur puppies for sale are hardwired for the chores they have been assigned throughout their history. Their dominant, independent, fearless nature is what it takes to take on a wild three-hundred pound boar with razor sharp tucks. The tenacity of the breed is what it takes to move a stubborn bull. The fearless devotion is what it takes for a single dog to stand between the Catahoula Cur’s herd and pack of coyotes. This same tenacity and will is required to be a responsible owner of the Catahoula. The Catahoula Cur is a challenging dog. It is not for the first time dog owner. This dog will require one who truly loves dogs, not the idea of having one. These dogs must learn quickly that you are the pack leader, and you set the boundaries. Training must be firm and consistent. A half hearted effort to socialize will inevitably end in unpleasantness. The dog that has a master that is committed whole heatedly will result in a dog that totally and without reserve is comitted to you, your family and close friends it sees often. The Catahoula Cur puppies for sale will stand between you and any danger. They will show you unabashed affection and love. The Catahoula Cur is a handsome dog. The first thing you will notice about the Catahoula Cur puppies for sale are their “glass eye”. The Catahoula Cur usually has at least one glass eye. These are magnificently blue in color almost translucent. Some have a marbling effect but still incredibly blue. The Breed comes in a number of colors having spots of varying shades. The Catahoula is also known as the Leopard Hound for this very reason. They can grow to be as tall as twenty-six inches and weigh as much as eighty pounds. The Catahoula Cur puppies for sale will need a lot of exercise both mentally and physically. They will need to be seen by a vet on a regular basis. The breed is prone to eye problems, dysplasia, and deafness. They have a long life expectancy of thirteen years or better. Grooming isn’t an issue. The Catahoula Cur puppies for sale are a commitment. The payoff of this commitment is an affectionate, loving family member that will stand between you and any danger at any cost.