The Combai dogs puppies for sale are a rare treasure of India, an ancient breed with the heart of a companion and the courage of a lion.
Combai puppies for sale


Combai puppies for sale

The Combai dogs puppies for sale is sometimes called an Indian Beardog or Indian Bear Hound or the Kombai. A dog bred as a pure bear hound, to hunt bears, the Combai has been used for many things. They have hunted boar, bison and deer. As of late, they Combai puppies for sale are used as guard dogs and family pets. Once they were used to guard herd of cattle from tigers and lepords. The Combai has a reputation of having a savage temper and be willing to fight to the death for its family when necessary.

The dog is usually red or brown with a black mask with a dark line along the back. The Combai is slightly shorter than the Rajapalayam, but has a much more powerful build. The puppies for sale have a line of hair down the center of their back which grows in the opposite direction forming a “ridge”.
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