Cretan Hound

Cretan Hound puppies for sale

The Cretan Hound puppies for sale come from what is believed to be the oldest dog breed in Europe. Ancient writings and epic poems of Homer have mentioned the “Kressal Kynes” or Cretan Hounds. Their existence on the island of Crete can be documented back for 3500 years. Legend has it that the dogs were brought to the Isle of Crete by the Great Goddess and this is evidenced by a metal stern of an old ship which is display in the Heraklion Museum. It is also believed that the Crete Hound puppies for sale were also traded with ancient Egypt and other countries in Europe, as hounds with similar looks are found today in those countries. A coursing and tracking hound, the Cretan is called an incomparable hare hunter..the best known to man. The puppies for sale hunt by both sight and scent. The Cretans Hounds have for thousands of years hunted the rocky and harsh terrain of the Crete Island. The Cretan Hound puppies for sale of today has the same abilities and the same look as the Cretan Hounds of hundreds of years ago. The ruthless act of killing any dog who does not have the hunting abilities of an excellent hunter has guaranteed purity of the breed. Creton Hounds puppies for sale never leave the island and the Cretans refuse to even allow the best of their animals to be seen by outsiders. Only when this living legend is made to participate in the international dog show would a dog lover have a chance to meet them. The Cretan Hound puppies for sale has adapted to the rocky, harsh terrain of the Greek Island of Crete and while hunting they are tireless. Once inside, their demeanour is that of a calm house pet. The puppies for sale should not be house dogs, but will enjoy spending the evening with their family. They exercise requirements are too great to be confined and they need a lot of exercise to stay healthy and happy. The Cretan puppies for sale love their families and make excellent family pets, getting along with children and adults. They are not recommended to be without supervision near small pets, chickens or other fowl. They are an excellent hunter and that instinct cannot be suppressed. Unlike other hounds the Cretan puppies for sale do not bark when in chase. Hunters read the body language of the dogs to know how the hunt is progressing. The Cretans in turn are in tune to the moods and desires of their masters and when in training do everything in their power to please their master. Docile and loving when in the home, these dogs puppies for sale will make excellent companions, and great hunting partners.