The Great Dane puppies for sale are great dogs; loyal, devoted, a gentle giant, loving to family, and affectionate.
Great Dane puppies for sale

Great Dane Great Dane Puppy

Great Dane puppies for sale

The Great Dane puppies for sale are cute and cuddly now but not for long. They will become The Gentle giant of your family. The Great Dane will always be thought of as a loving, affectionate dog. Scooby Doo is a Great Dane.

The Great Dane puppies for sale were not originally bred for hunting. The origins of the breed are believed to have formally brought about around the fifth century when parts of Europe were invaded. These Asiatic invaders brought with them a mastiff like dog. These dogs were revered for their ability to bring down bears and boars. The Asiatic dogs were bred with Irish Wolfhounds and Old English Mastiffs. Some believe the breed was refined by the introduction of the Greyhound. These dogs became estate guardians and companions. The hunt was pretty much ignored by their owners and the two became their companions.
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