Irish Setter

Irish Setter puppies for sale

When looking for Irish Setter dog puppies for sale, this breed may be referred to as the Red Setter or the Irish Red Setter. The Irish Setter was first developed as a color variation of the Red and White Setter breed in the 1700’s in Ireland and the United Kingdom and later became a separate breed. The Irish Setter has been trained as a hunting dog, scent dog, pointing dog, and retriever. This breed is well known for hunting game birds, they have an excellent nose and very fast. The Irish Setter, due to their wonderful personality, makes a great family pet and are quite often used as a therapy dog in schools and hospitals. The Irish Setter was recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1878 as part of the Sporting Group. The Irish Setter ranges in averages between 24 and 28 inches in height and weigh between 55 and 75 pounds. The life expectancy of this breed is about 11 to 15 years. Health problems associated with the Irish Setter include: bloat, epilepsy, skin allergies, elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), Canine Leukocyte Adhesion Deficiency (CLAD), and hypothyroidism. The ears of the Irish Setter should be cleaned and checked regularly for signs of infection or inflammation. The Irish Setter puppies for sale are a slow maturing breed – both mentally and physically. The coat of the Irish Setter puppies for sale is short and fine on head and the front side of the legs and medium length on the body. There is feathering on ears, back of legs, stomach, and chest. Regular brushing and combing is required to keep the coat of the Irish Setter puppies for sale in peak condition and free of tangles. These puppies for sale are considered an average shedder. The coat colors of the Irish Setter are shades of red ranging from mahogany to a rich chestnut. There may be a small amount of white on the chest, top of head, throat, or feet. Young Irish Setter puppies for sale may have a silvery-gray color behind the legs and ears that usually disappears as they mature. When you see Irish Setter puppies for sale and make the decision to make one of the puppies for sale a member of your family, you will find this breed to be loving, sweet-natured, and having a rollicking personality. The Irish Setter puppies for sale are not recommended for living in an apartment unless their owner is very active and takes their dog on a daily jog or long walk. The Irish Setter gets along best living in a home where there is access to a large fenced-in yard. The Irish Setter puppies for sale are very high-spirited and full of energy and can become reckless, high-strong, hard to manage, and destructive if they do not receive enough exercise. The Irish Setter is very affectionate and loves people and other pets. This breed does not make a good watch dog or a good guard dog. The Irish Setter gets along well with children and enjoys spending time with them. The Irish Setter has a strong hunting instinct and for their own safety should be kept in fenced-in area or on a lead when they are outdoors so they will not run off following a scent. These puppies for sale make great companions for an active family, loyal, happy, friendly and devoted; the puppies for sale will steal your heart.