Kangal Dog

Kangal Dog puppies for sale

The Kangal Dog is a Turkish animal and is considered the national breed of Turkey. Kangals are used as a livestock guard dog and is a mastiff type animal. A Kangal dogs puppies for sale is not a sheep dog because it is not a herding animal. The breed functions as a protection dog which will go up against bears, wolves, and jackals. The coat of the Kangal Dog puppies for sale are an effective protection from the bites of wolves and allows the Kangal to fight wolves on an even footing. Because of its loyalty, protectiveness, and gentleness with small children and animals, it enjoys popularity as a good family dog. Though not a herding dog, it regards the family as a flock and guards them with his life. A good Kangal puppies for sale will place himself between the threat and whomever it is that he is guarding. Once this position has been established, the dog will attack the intruder. Kangals are used in Africa to ward off cheetahs that attack native livestock. Kangals puppies for sale will grow to weigh between one hundred to one hundred sixty-five pounds, when full grown. The coat is a solid pale tan or sable and the face is set off with a black mask. Kangals have a short double layer of fur made up of a very dense under layer covered by a longer and coarser outer layer of hair. Insulation is provided by the under layer against both the heat of the summer and the severe winters. The outer layer repels water and snow. This combination coat allows the Kangal puppies for sale to regulate their core temperature more efficiently. The dogs puppies for sale require little grooming but do shed two times per year. Kangals are fast for their size and are not as heavy as other mastiffs. They have been clocked up to thirty miles per hour over a short distance. This speed allows the Kangal to get to the scene of the action in a hurry. The Kangal puppies for sale is also very agile for his size and not a suitable dog for inexperienced dog owners. The independent intelligence of the Kangal makes for a pupil that may be a little difficult to control. Kangals do not make good apartment dogs. They need a considerable amount of exercise and stimulation. A large yard is a must when one is thinking of obtaining a Kangal puppies for sale. Daily exercise is required by the Kangal. Kangals are protected by the government of Turkey as the national dog. It is illegal to export Turkish Kangals puppies for sale to a non-Turk. The government has breeding centers and the pedigree of each animal is recorded and accurate health records are maintained. There is not any outstanding health issues associated with the Kangal puppies for sale, but like all big dogs, they have a shorter life span and will live about twelve years.