The Keeshond puppies for sale are smart, alert and loving; they are neither nervous nor violent, they are welcoming to all people and other dogs.
Keeshond puppies for sale


Keeshond puppies for sale

The Keeshond is a normal, good-looking dog of balanced, short-coupled body, attracting consideration not only by his coloration, alert carriage, and clever look, but as well by his stand-off coat, his richly plumed tail well bent over his back, his foxlike look, and his small pointed ears. The coat of Keeshonds is extremely thick around the neck, fore part of the shoulders and chest, forming a lion-like ruff-more profuse in the male.

Character is of primary meaning. The Keeshond is neither nervous nor violent but, instead, is sociable and welcoming with both people and other dogs. The Keeshond is a energetic, smart, alert and loving companion.
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