Korean Mastiff

Korean Mastiff puppies for sale

The Korean Mastiff puppies for sale have been referred to as the gentle giant. The dog will have a short silky and shiny coat of chocolate, mahogany, or red fur. It is an easy going and very good natured dog that is intelligent and loyal. Called The Dosa, the dog enjoys being with people and having a close relationship with its owners. This is a pack animal and the Alpha leadership of the owner must be established quickly and in a firm manner. An established pecking order is good for the puppies for sale and will make the life of the owner much better. Separation anxiety is a reality in the relationship with these wonderful puppies for sale. Dignified, easy going, good natured, intelligent and loyal are characteristics of the Dosa. The leader of the pack, the owner, must provide a good amount of daily mental and physical exercise in order to keep separation anxiety from developing when the animal is left for any length of time. The puppies for sale enjoy being with people and sometimes can be quite “needy” and require a good amount of physical contact. The puppies for sale tend to demand a considerable amount of attention from whom he considers his leader. With the Dosa, one can never forget that the human must be higher up the chain in order for a perfect relationship to be established. The Dosa will be reserved in any contact with strangers, but when he learns that the stranger belongs, the stranger quickly becomes part of the pack and of course, the object of the puppies for sale affection. Very gentle, sweet natured, noble, majestic, and friendly are also descriptive of this huge dog. The puppies for sale have an excellent reputation for getting along with other pets and children. When with small children, it is important for someone to be close as this massive dog can knock a small child down easily, without intending to and because of his size one does not need to be stepped on by this moving mountain of a dog. A male Dosa will stand from 25.5 inches to 30 and weigh from 160 -185 heavy pounds. The puppies for sale may suffer from cherry eye which must be treated. Hip dysplasia and entropia are also problems for this massive animal. A feeding schedule is important to be developed as the dog is prone to bloat Dosas do well in the city and country settings. Because of his size, apartments are not the place for this giant. A good fenced backyard is a better setting for the activities of the puppies for sale. This dog will tend to become lazy, if allowed to, but at the same time, realize that excessive exercise is not good for the dog. Puppies for sale should never be allowed strenuous exercise as their bones are still forming and injuries can be experienced that will not heal properly. When walking the dog, the Dosa needs to be in the heel position and never out front of the leader. To be out front will give the dog the impression that he has assumed the leadership of the pack and now it is time to do what he wants. A Dosa will live from seven to twelve years and will slow down considerably in old age. Remember that he is part of the family and expects to be treated that way. The grooming needs of these puppies for sale need to be met. A good brushing several times per week will help keep the coat looking good. Give special attention to the skin folds and make sure that they remain clean. The dog will require a monthly bath with an anti-bacterial shampoo. Again pay special attention to the skin fold. The Korean Mastiff is a great family dog, gentle and affectionate with their family, a large friend who will protect you in a crisis.