The Labrador Husky puppies for sale are good family dogs; good with children,a loyal and trusted companion.
Labrador Husky puppies for sale

Labrador Husky Labrador Husky puppy

Labrador Husky puppies for sale

When looking for Labrador Husky puppies for sale, note this breed is not a cross of a Labrador Retriever and a Husky but an individual breed. This breed is also referred to as the Labradorian Sled Dog. The Labrador Husky originated in Canada in an area known as Labrador. It is believed this breed was brought to the area by Inuit people in 1300 A.D. The Labrador Husky has been mainly used for pulling sleds and known for their endurance. This breed has become a rare breed now that snow mobiles have replaced the need for dog sleds. The Labrador Husky is now used in search and rescue efforts and as a companion dog.

The Labrador Husky puppies for sale are similar in appearance to a wolf. This breed used to be closely related to various Northern dog breeds, but then became isolated and developed on their own even breeding with wolves of northern Canada.
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