The Landseer puppies for sale will be a large dog with a large capacity for loving, playing and protecting their children and their families.
Landseer puppies for sale


Landseer puppies for sale

When looking for Landseer puppies for sale, this breed may be referred to as the Landseer European Continental Type or the Landseer ECT. European fisherman took these dogs from Newfoundland to England around 1770 where they worked with fishermen to pull fishing nets from the water and rescuing men who had fallen into the water. Later the Landseer puppies for sale became a separate breed in Europe; however, in the United States and Great Britain the Landseer is considered the same breed as the Newfoundland. The Landseer breed was named after a British painter, Sir Edwin Henry Landseer. In 1838, Landseer created a painting featuring this breed entitled “The Distinguished Member of the Humane Society”. The Landseer almost became extinct after World War II; however, thanks to the efforts of German and Swiss breeders, this breed was revived in the 1930s.

There are differences between the Landseer and the Newfoundland, the Landseer is taller, has a shorter and less dense coat, longer legs, and is faster moving and more agile.
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