McNab puppies for sale

The McNab puppies for sale will vary greatly in appearance but will all favor a Border Collie look. This is a shorthaired mixed breed of dog. The Border Collie roots run deep and the McNabs puppies for sale will tend to be black and white or red and white. They will have a white muzzle and a white steak that will run between the eyes. A white neck and chest is characteristic of the dogs. The puppies for sale can be large, upwards of 70 pounds or small around 35 pounds. Some dogs tails are bobbed while others a long and flowing. Generally the coat is smooth and short. The puppies for sale were bred to be herders and their ability is above question. They will herd anything from cattle to sheep and anything in between including exotic animals such as Llamas. These puppies for sale are well-mannered, hard working, friendly, and clean. Generally the dogs are not animal aggressive and they will get along well with other animals who might call the farm or ranch home. The dogs will also prove to be excellent hunters as well and can be trained to flush birds without much effort. Regardless of the job, the puppies for sale are happiest when they have work to do. The dogs are not high strung or obsessive but they will bark considerably when they are working. Physical exercise is required by this dog and, as the owner, one must always be aware of when the dog needs this exercise. The dogs need to be able to explore new surroundings and environments. McNabs are sociable with other dogs and humans and are obedient, protective and friendly. The vast majority of the McNab puppies for sale in the United States is the shorter haired variety because of the working conditions found in America. The McNab is often described as having cat-like feet which makes him fast and agile. The McNab is characterized as usually a one person or one family dog. He does not like stray animals within his domain and will work to remove the source of irritation as quickly as possible. The puppies for sale are even-tempered who may act a little skittish from time to time but an owner will discover that the McNab is very protective and much in tune with his surroundings. These puppies for sale are very smart dogs who are watchful and restrained when encountering strangers. The dogs will live in the vicinity of fifteen years and have very few health problems. The grooming of the dog is straight forward and easy to accomplish. A good brushing once or twice a week will be just about all that is needed. The dogs should be bathed only when necessary. The McNab puppies for sale will not be very happy in an apartment. He is bred to run, roam, work, and accept the friendship of his owner. The puppies for sale will need a considerable amount of open space in which to run and enjoy long walks with the owner. When walking remember that you are the Alpha and keep the McNab in a heel position so that the dog is not confused by his understanding of what place he must occupy. These puppies for sale will be a great addition to an active family which live in a rural environment, loving and affectionate a strong bond will form.