The McNab puppies for sale are working dogs which will make an active rural family an excellent pet; happiest with a job to do the McNab is a great dog.
McNab puppies for sale


McNab puppies for sale

The McNab puppies for sale will vary greatly in appearance but will all favor a Border Collie look. This is a shorthaired mixed breed of dog. The Border Collie roots run deep and the McNabs puppies for sale will tend to be black and white or red and white. They will have a white muzzle and a white steak that will run between the eyes. A white neck and chest is characteristic of the dogs. The puppies for sale can be large, upwards of 70 pounds or small around 35 pounds. Some dogs tails are bobbed while others a long and flowing. Generally the coat is smooth and short.
The puppies for sale were bred to be herders and their ability is above question. They will herd anything from cattle to sheep and anything in between including exotic animals such as Llamas. These puppies for sale are well-mannered, hard working, friendly, and clean.
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