Mexican Hairless Dog

Mexican Hairless Dog puppies for sale

The Mexican Hairless puppies for sale are not known well outside of Mexico. The breed is also known as the Xolo and has been around for probably some 3000 years. The hairless mutation may have offered some survival benefits in the tropical regions of the state. The Indians of Mexico enjoyed the puppies for sale and it is still popular today as a companion dog. Their value in the past is indicated by their frequent appearances in art and artifacts of the people, the Colima, Aztec, and Toltec civilizations of Mexico. Some people in Mexico believe that the dog e has some healing qualities. The puppies for sale did not receive any official notice in Mexico until the 1950s. Xolos began to appear in Mexican dog shows in the 1940s. Information was not standard on the animal and it wasn’t until 1954 that information was gathered and the movement was on to introduce it as the National Dog of Mexico. At that time ten good Xolos were found and they became the breeding stock to keep the dog as a viable animal. The puppies for sale range in size from about 10 pounds to upwards of 50 pounds and are similar in appearance to the Pharaoh Hound. The body is sleek, has almond shaped eyes, bat-like ears, and a long neck. A coated variety of the Hairless is now available in Mexico. The Hairless is completely hairless but may have some short hairs on the head. The puppies for sale tend to be either black or blue in skin tone. When the hairless and coated animals are bred, the offspring will have a chance of being either coated or hairless. The Toy Hairless will be from 10 to 13 inches high at the shoulder and weigh about 18 pounds. The miniature hairless will be 13 to 18 inches high and weigh about 23 pounds. The Standard Hairless will be from 18 to 24 inches high and weigh from 35 to 45 pounds. The Xolos are noted for a calm demeanor but their puppies for sale will be very noisy and unruly. The breed requires extensive socialization and training from puppies through about one year of age. The temper of the puppies for sale can be compared to that of a typical working dog in that they will have guardian instincts and are protective of their family. They are really escape artists as well. The puppies for sale like to climb and jump in order to chase small animals, which can lead to escape attempts. The animals will not back down from a fight and require that the Alpha owner establish himself early in the dog’s life with the family. The breed is not prone to any health issues, but is not suited for outdoor life in temperate and northern climates. The puppies for sale need to be indoors and thereby become house pets. They need to be bathed frequently and the skin needs to be watched for dry patches that must be hydrated. The dogs will also need protection from the sun or cancers could possibly develop. These unique little puppies for sale will be excellent companions and a definite conversation starter.