Phalène puppies for sale

Loved by Europeans for centuries the Phalene puppies for sale are a breed that is very easy to love. The Phalene puppies for sale are smart looking dogs that your family will love for years. The Phalene is wonderful breed full of all the things that make a great companion. The Phalene is rich in history. It is one of the oldest recorded breeds in Europe. There are records of the Papillon dating back almost seven hundred years. It has been present in paintings of the Italian Renaissance. The Phalene was the pet of French and Spanish nobles. Originally the breed had dropped ears and was known as the Epagneul Nain, and then the name was changed to the Continental Toy spaniel. Erect and the common dropped ears began appearing in single litters of Continental Toy spaniels. These erect ears resembled the wings of butterflies. Phalene is French for butterfly. Phalene became the breed’s name. The breed was finally established in the United States by the AKC in 1915. The Phalene puppies for sale will certainly make some history in your family. The Phalene’s friendly charming manner is just the ticket for any family. The Phalene is very trainable and has been known to be very receptive to learning tricks. Obedience is strong point of the Phalene. The owner that doesn’t see training as that important because of the dog’s size has done themselves an astronomical disservice. The properly socialized and trained Phalene is simply a joy. They are cuddlers. They are generally not a yapper dog. They will bark to alert you of a problem or intruder. The Phalene is playful. It is a hardy and patient dog making a wonderful playmate for older children. It even enjoys cats. All these wonderful traits can be thrown out the window with a Phalene suffering from SDS, “small dog syndrome”. The Phalene suffering from SDS may be demanding, aggressive, yappy, nervous, and destructive just to name a few. SDS is completely preventable by early socialization and training. This will be no real task since the Phalene puppies for sale are easily trained and love to please. The Phalene is pleasing to the eye. Their long silky coat, its tiny boned frame, along with its mask makes it an elegant and cute little dog. The Phalene is white with a variety colors that make up the marking. The mask that covers the eyes and ears are the same color of the dog’s markings. The dog is usually eight to eleven inches tall, and weighs between seven and ten pounds. The Phalene puppies for sale may appear to be a dainty little dog, but the breed has proven to be a hardy one. The Phalene may be prone to knee problem but with the help of your vet they are correctible. Your vet is a great resource to discuss any dog’s health concerns. The Phalene is otherwise a generally health breed. The dog can do ok in any dwelling situation. Apartment dwelling may be a bit of a challenge because of the Phalene’s protective nature. Noises generated from other close proximities may cause the dog to alert by barking. This may be a problem to your neighbors. Otherwise with play and a daily walk it is an anywhere dog. The long luxurious coat of the Phalene will require daily grooming. Some small accommodations for loved member of the family, and the Phalene puppies for sale will be loved by your family