Polish Greyhound

Polish Greyhound puppies for sale

It seems at times, that whatever adjective chosen to describe the Polish Greyhound puppies for sale there is an opposite can be used as well. Polish Greyhounds owners will talk about their companions for hours if given the chance. They are not boasting at least not entirely. It may take them a long time to describe this complicated breed. The one thing that is certain is that the Polish Greyhound puppies for sale will be loved by your whole family and admired by others. The Polish Greyhound has been admired and loved in its native Poland for centuries. The Polish Greyhound has been depicted in iconic graphics of Poland dating back to the thirteenth century. Polish literature is filled with the mention of the Polish Greyhound. Their origins are up to debate since there is no real documentation of the breed’s origin. It is widely accepted by breeders and enthusiasts of the Polish Greyhound that they are descendants of Asiatic Sighthounds. The dogs were bred to hunt and protect against wolves. They are definitely very capable dogs. The Polish Greyhound puppies for sale are very similar to those found centuries ago. The Polish Greyhound has remained very true to its origin. The Polish Greyhound is most definitely in the family of the Sighthound. They are unmistakably greyhound. The Polish Greyhound puppies for sale will be large dogs, standing between twenty-seven and thirty-two inches tall. They are built for speed with their tall frames and comparatively light body mass, weighing only sixty to ninety pounds. The Polish Greyhound has a smooth but springy coat that comes in an array of colors. The Polish Greyhound attests of speed while standing still. As fast as the Polish Greyhound is and looks, it is a reserved dog. It is relatively inactive outside of the hunt or similar activity. The Polish Greyhound has the ability to hunt down a wolf but is a gentle even tempered member of the family. Early socialization and training will bring about a dog that is trustworthy and dependable as any parent could be to any member of the family. The Polish Greyhound that isn’t properly trained can be dominant and aggressive due to its confident and assured nature. The breed needs to know its place in the pack as well as firm and consistent pack leader. The confident and self assured Polish Greyhound which is properly trained and socialized will be a devoted protector of the entire family and other pets, without being aggressive. The Polish Greyhounds love the outdoors and will really turn it on in the great outdoors. The Polish Greyhound puppies will need to get plenty of opportunity for physical and mental exercise. This is an essential commitment that any prospective owner must be willing to make. Exercise is crucial both mentally and physically for the Polish Greyhound. The short hair of the Polish Greyhound puppies for sale makes grooming almost nonexistent. Health issues for the most part are common to large breed dogs, dysplasia and bloat but some are prone to other ailments. Your vet can be a good resource to consult. All in all the Polish Greyhound is a pretty low maintenance dog. The Polish Greyhound was bred to be a wolf hunter. It is a tough hardy breed that is rightfully self assured. It will be a gentle, loving and devoted protector of its family. The Polish Greyhound will never be described in one word other than; great.