Rajapalayam puppies for sale

When looking for Rajapalayam dog puppies for sale, you may find this breed referred t as the Rajapalayam Hound, Indian Sight Hound, Poligar Hound, or Paleiyakaran. The Rajapalayam breed is a sight hound that originated in Southern India in the town of Rajapalayam where this breed gets its name. The exact ancestry of this breed is unknown but this breed is believed to have existed since the 17th century. This breed gained recognition for bravery when packs of Rajapalayam were used against the British cavalry during the colonization of India. Prior to this, the Rajapalayam was favored by the nobles of India for their hunting abilities and often used to hunt wild boar in packs. The Rajapalayam is not recognized by any major kennel club. This Rajapalayam is a tall, long breed that is very handsome and graceful. This breed tends to be heavier boned than the other sight hound breeds and many say this breed resembles a miniature Great Dane. The eyes of the Rajapalayam are set high in the head causing a squint eyed expression. The head is broad and long and the snout is pointed. The ears are triangular and the top folds into a flap. The tail is long and has a slight curl. The Rajapalayam averages between 25 and 30 inches in height and averages between 48 and 55 pounds. Health problems associated with this breed include deafness at birth and mange. The coat of the Rajapalayamis is short and easy to maintain requiring only occasional brushing. The most prized coat color of the Rajapalayam is milk white with a pink nose and golden eyes. Other coat colors include spotted or solid black and brown. When you see Rajapalayam dog puppies for sale and make the decision to buy a Rajapalayam you will find this breed to be affectionate and devoted though this not a very demonstrative breed. The Rajapalayam is actually not recommended as a family dog because this breed tends to develop a strong bond with only one person. The Rajapalayam is a large and active dog and not recommended for living in an apartment. This breed needs room to roam. Due to their strong hunting instinct, it is recommended this breed be kept on a lead or in a fenced-in area for their own safety. The Rajapalayam tends to be very hostile and aggressive towards strangers and makes a formidable guard dog. This breed may actually attack intruders. Since the Rajapalayam is a large breed it is recommended that socialization and training begin at an early age. This breed does not get along well with other house pet due to their strong hunting instincts. The Rajapalayam is an intelligent breed and is easily trained. When you are looking for Rajapalayam dog puppies for sale you will find this breed is very rare. This breed is considered somewhat extinct can only be found in isolated pockets around southern Tamil Nadu. The Animal Husbandry Department of the Government of Tamil Nadu has been working to re-establish the breed.