Scotch Collie

Scotch Collie puppies for sale

When looking for Scotch Collie dog puppies for sale, this breed may be referred to as Old Farm Collie. The Scotch Collie declined to the point where only a few remote pockets of this breed existed by the 1980s due to decades of neglecting the breed and the popularity of other herding breeds such as the Border Collie, Australian Shepherd, and English Shepherd. In the 1980s and 1990s, enthusiasts of this breed are working to restore the Scotch Collie breed. The exact ancestry of the Scotch Collie is unknown. This breed is derived from several native herding breeds from Scotland and England among other breeds. As the name of this breed suggests, the Scotch Collie breed originated in Scotland in the 1700s. The Scotch Collie was primarily used to herd, protect, and drive flocks of sheep. This breed has also been used as a hunting dog and companion dog. The Scotch Collie is a medium-sized breed. The body of the Scotch Collie is generally longer than tall. The head is wedge shaped and long. The eyes are dark brown and almond shaped. The ears are medium sized and semi-erect. The Scotch Collie averages between 19 and 24 inches in height and weighs between 45 and 70 pounds. The life expectancy of this breed is 12 to 16 years. The Scotch Collie is generally a healthy breed and does not suffer from any known health issues. The coat of the Scotch Collie should be brushed at least once a week in order to remove dead hair and keep the coat in good condition. The coat colors of the Scotch Collie are white, sable (ranging from a light blond to a deep reddish brown), tri-color, and blue merle. When you see Scotch Collie dog puppies for sale and make the decision to make a Scotch Collie a member of your family, you will find this breed to be sweet, loyal, protective, and a wonderful companion. This breed loves to spend time with their family, and may be a bit clingy. The Scotch Collie gets along best with room to roam such as in a large fenced-in area or on a farm; however, this breed does do well living in an apartment if they get a sufficient amount of daily exercise. The Scotch Collie is excellent with children and very gentle and playful with them. The Scotch Collie generally gets along well with other canines and other animals. The Scotch Collie is very alert and protective of their family. This breed makes both a good watch dog and guard dog. The Scotch Collie is an intelligent, eager to please breed and easily trained. This breed successfully competes in various dog sports such as agility, tracking, rally, herding, obedience, and flyball. The Scotch Collie also makes a wonderful therapy dog and guide dog.