Smooth Collie

Smooth Collie puppies for sale

When looking for Smooth Collie dog puppies for sale, this breed is a short haired version of the Rough Collie breed. The Smooth Collie has the same conformation as the Rough Collie only with a shorter coater. The exact origin of the Smooth Collie is not known, but this breed has existed for centuries as herding dogs in Scotland and England. Both the Rough Collie and the Smooth Collie are judged by the same standards in the show ring though they are considered two separate breeds. The Smooth Collie was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1885 as part of the herding group. The body of the Smooth Collie is slightly longer than tall and well proportioned. This breed has a long, thin muzzle. Their eyes are almond-shaped, dark in color, and possess a sensitive, serious expression. The ears are set high on the head, erect with the top quarter folded forward. The Smooth Collie averages between 14 and 20 inches in height and weighs between 40 and 66 pounds. The average life expectancy of this breed is 13 years. The Smooth Collie is susceptible to certain inherited health issues such as: Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA) an eye problem that can be very minor or cause blindness. Puppies can be tested and diagnosed with this problem at less than 6 weeks of age. Progressive Retinal Atrophy is another eye problem which causes gradual degeneration of the retinas of the eyes leading to blindness. This disease does not appear until the dog is middle aged or older. Multidrug sensitivity, bloat, hip dysplasia, and epilepsy are also known health issues associated with this breed. The Smooth Collie has a double coat, the undercoat is furry and the top coatis short, dense, and straight. This coat requires minimal grooming – more frequently when shedding. This breed tends to send quite heavily twice a year. The coat colors of the Smooth Collie may be white, sable and white, blue merle, or tri-colored. When you see Smooth Collie dog puppies for sale and make the decision to make a Smooth Collie a member of your family, you will find the Smooth Collie to be loyal, kind, obedient, and an excellent family pet. This breed loves spending time with their family. The Smooth Collie does well living in an apartment as long as they get daily exercise. The Smooth Collie has a soft, sweet personality and does not do well with harsh treatment or loud noises. This breed is very polite with strangers and other pets and makes a good watchdog. The Smooth Collie is very loyal to their family and very tolerant and patient with children. The Smooth Collie is very intelligent and sensitive and easy to train if the trainer maintains a calm voice. Praise, gentle guidance, and treat rewards work best. This breed is quick to learn and easily trained. The Smooth Collie excels at dog sports such as agility, obedience, showmanship, tracking, flyball, and herding events. When you are looking for Smooth Collie dog puppies for sale you can find information on Smooth Collie dog puppies for sale from the American Smooth Collie Association.