Thai Bangkaew Dog

Thai Bangkaew Dog puppies for sale

When looking for Thai Bangkaew Dog puppies for sale, you will find likely find price very high because this is a very rare breed of dog and can be difficult to obtain. You may also find there is a waiting list for the purchase of puppies. The Thai Bangkaew Dog is a relatively new breed with origins dating back only 100 years. This breed is said to have originated at monastery in the village of Bangkaew, in the province of Phitsanulok, in the country of Thailand. The Thai Bangkaew Dog has been used for hunting, tracking, retrieving game on land and in water, and as a watch dog by the people of Thailand. As mentioned above, Thai Bangkaew Dog is considered a rare breed and is not currently recognized by any major kennel club, but is a very popular breed with the Thai people. The Thai Bangkaew Dog is a medium-sized, spitz type of dog. Like most dogs of this type, this breed has a compact build, erect, triangular ears, and a plumed tail that is carried across their back. The Thai Bangkaew Dog is considered a medium sized dog and averages between 17 and 21 inches in height and weighs between 35 and 46 pounds. This breed tends to be healthy but they do suffer from a few known health problems such as: hip dysplasia, cancer, liver disease, chronic ear infection, cataracts, and bloat. The Thai Bangkaew Dog has a thick double coat, the under coat is short and the outer coat longer. The coat is thicker on the back and chest and forms a ruff around the neck that is more pronounced in males than females. The coat requires a great deal of brushing in order to prevent tangles and remain in a good condition. The coat color is primarily white with a pattern in shades of red, gray, brown, or black. When you see Thai Bangkaew Dog puppies for sale and make the decision to make a Thai Bangkaew Dog a member of your family, you will find this breed of dog to be an excellent companion and very devoted to their families. This breed is very alert and intelligent, but can be stubborn and difficult to train. It is recommended the training of this breed of dog begins at a very young age. The Thai Bangkaew Dog is a very adventurous, active, and playful. They are always on the move. The Thai Bangkaew Dog is not well suited for apartment living. They enjoy spending time outdoors and having plenty of room to run, play, and roam. This breed loves to dig and actually need to be trained not to do so. They play very well with children and are very gentle and sweet with them. The Thai Bangkaew Dog is very protective of their home and family making them a natural watchdog. It is recommended the Thai Bangkaew Dog be socialized at an early age with other dogs and household pets. This breed can also be aggressive towards dogs of the same sex if they are not socialized properly.