Aidi puppies for sale

Aidi puppies for sale are a breed that has established itself in this regard for over five thousand years. The Aidi was primarily seen as protection for its ancient owners. It was known as the Barber dog because of the Barber tribes of North Africa that were known for their fierce breed of dog, the Aidi. The Aidi is considered a large breed guard dog. They are best suited for the rural family. A family that has at least a quarter of an acre and a large fenced area would be best. They have retained their hunting nose and will wander if given the chance they are full of energy and need an adequate release. The breed is a wonderful house dog but will become bored if not given plenty of exercise. Like most mountain breeds the dogs puppies for sale have a very coarse coat that is weather proof. When purchasing one, take into account their colors. The Aidi breed come in beautiful colorings black and white, white, black, tawny, and red. Remember, the warmer the climate you live in the lighter the color. If you live in a colder climate then you would probably want a darker coat. The lighter coats reflect the sun’s heat better, which aids the dogs comfort level. Shedding is going to happen twice a year but with a weekly brushing, it’s no big deal. The dogs puppies for sale are very loyal. Loyal meaning that they are one family dog. They have protected their owners from jackals and bears. They do this by being only interested in protecting their pack, “your family”. This trait doesn’t lend them to being “lovey dovey” to outsiders. The breed is a large breed, twenty-one to twenty -five inches in height and fifty- five pounds. Their build is very muscular and possess a great deal of strength. So, once you purchase your dogs puppies for sale; training and guidance should be a focal point. Training this breed is an enjoyable one since they are very intelligent and terrifically trainable. The trained Aidi will be nothing but a wonderful joy to your family. Given its highly trainable nature and its gentleness, the Aidi dogs puppies for sale will be a child’s best friend with your guidance. The breed is a very active one. It would be hard to find a child that would tire it out. A family in the country would be at ease knowing that the family centurion was with their child as they explored their surroundings. Anyone having small animals would feel secure knowing that an Aidi puppy they purchased was watching over their flock or herd. Aidi puppies for sale here are rich in their breed’s history. They share all the traits that most large breed dog owners are looking for, loyal, intelligent, gentle, and protective. The Aidi breeds loyalty and service to ancient man can be experienced by your family when your purchase one of our Aidi puppies. They will guard your family and your hearts for years to come.



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