Akita Inu

Akita Inu puppies for sale

These dogs puppies for sale are truly monumental in nature. The Akita Inu is considered a monumental breed in Japan. It is accepted as the national breed of Japan. When you look at these dogs there is no question of their strength, or why they are so favored in Japan. Their strong build, standing twenty-four to twenty-six inches, and weighing as much as one hundred and twenty pounds, these aren’t lap dogs. These puppies were bred for work. They have been used as guard dogs. The breed has been used in military service. They were used to hunt bear and deer, the dogs themselves bring down the game not its human owner. They were probably used to carry the hunter and the game back by pulling sleds. These jobs are noted in medieval Japanese documents. The puppies’ large frames and strength enables them to do these jobs but they have another quality that allows them to excel at these jobs. Their intelligence is the other quality. You will not be bringing any “dumb dumb” home when you purchase this puppy. These Anita Inu puppies are curious, intelligent. They are problem solvers. The breed is courageous and strong willed. These are all wonderful qualities for a working dog, but they demand a strong and disciplined owner. These dogs need an owner that will spend time with them and assert themselves as the “alpha” leader. A consistent training schedule is a must. These dogs will be a loving companion if you establish yourself as the “lead dog”. The Anita Inu dog will not tolerate teasing or taunting. It is important that the whole family is made aware and respects the puppy. These puppies are going to be very big and strong dogs and a few concessions must be made for both the owners and the dog’s wellbeing. If you live in an apartment; you may be thinking this isn’t the dog for me.The Anita Inu dogs puppies for sale are apartment doable. It is only somewhat active in an indoor setting. You will not have to worry about this lumbering Hercules’s running amok in your townhouse or apartment, if daily walks are taken. This would be a great dog for someone who runs, or takes daily walks, especially those in a larger city. The dog is big enough that your safety is almost guaranteed. The sheer brawn and devotion of the breed leaves us with no doubt that your puppy be a wonderful companion. The first American to bring the Anita Inu back to the states was Helen Keller. Her Anita Inu kept her in good care. The dogs puppies for sale come in many different colors. The most popular being white, red and brindle but a number of other colors are out there. There coats are very stiff, rough-hewn in nature. That makes imperative that they are brushed on a regular basis. The puppies should be bathed only when absolutely necessary. The breed is very susceptible to skin problems and frequent bathing could bring on skin irritation. The breed can also suffer from hip dysplasia, but with your vet’s help this is nothing to worry about. The Anita Inu is a moderate maintenance dog. It does require a few more concessions of the owner’s time compared to some other dogs. The Anita Inu puppy you purchase will pay off a thousand times more in its devotion, and companionship it provides you.



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