Alaunt puppies for sale

The Alaunt dogs puppies for sale are a rare breed. Some strains of the breed are believed to be totally extinct. Breeders are actively trying to restore the breed as we speak among the remaining strains. These puppies are a real snapshot from the past. By purchasing one of these dogs puppies for sale you are taking an active role in the preservation of a breed and history. The Alaunt dogs puppies for sale are mentioned in historic documents of the sixteenth century. They were used as “dogs of war”. They were used as guard dogs. They were taken into battle alongside their owners. The dog’s agility made it a formidable adversary once engaged. The breed’s size was a definite advantage in its role as combatant. The warring master of this dog was no doubt thankful for its size as well. The dogs usually stand between twenty-two and twenty-seven inches tall. They have been known to exceed a hundred-thirty pounds. These are definitely dogs you want on your side. The Alani tribes of Ind-Europe knew this when they brought the breed about. The breed strains left are of Sermatian Mastiff ancestry. The Alaunt is a smart agile guardian. The dogs puppies for sale were bred to retain the courage of their warlike ancestors. The breed has the strength to literally hold a wounded dear or wild boar. The breed is incredibly loyal. The Alaunts tend to be inactive but very vigilant guardians. The dogs are explosive when there is a threat or challenge. They are suitable for an apartment. The dog will need a daily walk but with the right amount of socialization this brute will be your neighborhoods best friend. The dog would appreciate a job, but exercise is a more pressing need. Today these dogs are cattle guardians, and hunters, but companions as well. They need a “pack leader”. This is no doubt a large breed. The owner must be the leader, not the follower. The potential for accident is too great when dealing with a dog this big, no matter how gentle the dog. There is no place for an unengaged owner in the Alaunt dogs puppies for sale lives. The breed comes in many colors and carries the short haired coat of the mastiff. Short hair means nearly no grooming. Today’s breeders are striving to rid the breed of hip dysplasia; the verdict is out on their success. This is due to the relatively new breeding efforts and inability to generate a long term study. Your vet should be a trusted ally in monitoring the dog’s condition. If you choose to purchase one of the Alaunt dogs puppies for sale, you will have a part in maintaining a species. You will also be guardian of the past. These dogs are nearly extinct. The breed has a history of making sacrifices for its owner. You will sacrifice little by owning one of these historic treasures.


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