Anglo-Franais de Petite Vnerie

Anglo-Franais de Petite Vnerie

At first glance these dogs puppies for sale may resemble a tall beagle or a French hound. Some of those discerning dog lovers may identify them as small Anglo-Francais. All of these assessments are correct but not completely. The Anglo-Francais de Petite have a rich history that is inclusive of all of these breeds and traits. There are three types of Anglo Francais. The original breed dates back to the sixteenth century. The breed is a cross between French Scenthounds and English Foxhounds. Hounds on top of hounds, there is no doubt this breed was meant to hunt. Standing only nineteen to twenty-two inches in height and weighing anywhere from thirty-five to forty four pounds these Anglo-Francais de Venerie dogs puppies for sale are the smallest of the three types of Anglo-Francais. The petite Venerie part of their name does not signify the breed’s statue as you might guess. It is in mentioned because of what they were bred for, small game. This group of Anglo-Francais was known as the, Petite Anglo-Francais in respect to their size up until 1978, but now they are noted in name in respect of the breed’s true niche. Whether you thought the puppies for sale were Beagles or Foxhounds, French Scenthounds or whatever, there was no doubt that they were hunters. The Anglo-Francais de Petite Venerie breed was refined by the introduction of the Harrier Beagle. This did not make this breed any the less of a hunter and into a house dog. The majority of this breed still resides in France as hunting dogs. They are very rarely family pets. They are not considered show breeds. These dogs are almost singular in purpose. They are exported mainly to Italy where they are used to track bear, and somewhat to North America, usually exclusively as hunting dogs. These dogs have lived in packs for centuries. They have little documentation on temperament, because of their single use and infrequent role as a house pet. They are extremely trainable, so you at least have a workable platform if you would like one of these dogs puppies for sale as a family member. The Anglo-Francais de Petite Venerie is considered a rare breed. You would definitely set yourself apart as the owner of one of these puppies for sale as your house dog; talk about rare. If making this breed a member of your family your goal, Here are a few things to keep in mind when determining if this is a doable goal. The Anglo-Francais de Petite Venerie breed were bred for outdoor life, stamina and scent-work. Knowing this, apartment life may not be very fair to this breed. A large fenced yard will provide a safe area for unsupervised exercise. This will probably need to have a subterranean barrier. Scent hounds tend to be diggers. You will also need to spend plenty of time exercising the dog with long walks, runs, jogs or vigorous activity. This time with your puppy will establish you as pack leader. This is very important since this breed by nature is very pack oriented. Where there is a will, there is a way. So, if this is an option for you by all means make it happen. Health and grooming is the easiest points of ownership for these puppies for sale. These dogs have no real health issues to speak of that are documented. The droop ears may need a watchful eye and an occasional cleaning in warm climates. The short smooth coat is almost maintenance free. An occasional brushing and bath are all that is needed. The orange and white, black and white, or tricolor coat makes this dog an eye catcher. The upward turned long tail, and droop ears tell you it’s a hound. The combination says it is from good hunting stock. If you are looking for a hunter then you are sold. If you are willing to make this rare breed of dogs puppies for sale one of your family member; it can be done. Either way with a little work and loving leadership, you will have a cherished member of the pack.


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