Australian Kelpie

Australian Kelpie

Most employers are looking for an applicant with a strong work history, self-motivating, devoted, and loyal. All these are understatements in testament of the Australian dogs puppies for sale. These dogs are one of the hardest working breeds in the dog world. Natural born herders, they do their jobs for the love of it. Like most shepherds, collies were imported in great numbers to Australia in the second half of the nineteenth century. The breed is thought to be a cross of collie and dingo by many Australians. This may be true in some instances of the Australian kelpie’s ancestry, but not true as a whole. It is well documented that the breed is a result of the common collie, simply a black dog, being bred to the Rutherford Border collie. This is the correct heritage of the Australian kelpie dogs puppies for sale The origin of the name is not documented or so cut and dry. There are two widely accepted stories. The first story is simply from the author Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel Kidnapped, in which he makes mention of water kelpie. The other is the slang “kelpi”, which referred to imported dogs. These dogs came by ship. Kelpie is an old Celtic creature, a water horse. So, pretty much the same story. One having more intellectual tone. The Australian kelpie dogs puppies for sale love to work. No one can dispute this fact. Standing no more than twenty-four inches and weighing in at most forty-five pound this breed can outwork almost any breed of man or beast. Their body is slightly longer than it is tall, its chest is wide and ample. The breed’s hind quarter is concentrated and powerful. The physical attributes allows for its impressive energy and agility while working. Their ability to dart in and out of herds moving, correcting the herd, without hesitation, all the while taking cues from its person, is amazing. These dogs are multitaskers. They were bred for stamina and energy. The breed apparently took it to another level. These dogs can hold down many roles; herder, guardian, companion, and taskmaster. The Australian kelpie craves having a job, the more the better. The breed’s inexhaustible energy and drive will never allow it to be a lap dog. This is probably not the dog for an apartment or meek owner. The dogs puppies for sale are not once in the evening walkers. These dogs will become problematic if not extensively exercised with purpose. They are the “poster children” for “workaholics” and over achievers. Exercise alone is not enough they MUST have a job. They need an owner that is calm yet, unyielding in their expectations. Otherwise, this little overachiever will assign himself a task whether good or bad, to its owners disliking or not. The Australian kelpie will only flourish with room, a job, and guidance. Grooming is a snap. Only when necessary, brush, comb and bathe. There is only one real worry as far as health goes. PRA is a retinal disease that can leave the dog partially or completely blind. Be sure to talk with your vet about this condition. There are about one hundred thousand of these dogs in existence. That may sound like a lot, but really, when you think worldwide; it’s not. They are immensely popular among Australians ranchers. They are hard and loyal workers. They should be handled as a beloved friend and worker. If you need to fill a position on your ranch or small farm, let one of the Australian kelpie dogs puppies for sale know.


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