Austrian Pinscher

Austrian Pinscher puppies for sale

Originally bred to be a farm dog, the Austrian Shorthaired Pinscher used to guard livestock and guard the home. These dogs puppies for sale need adequate exercise to stay healthy both physically and mentally, without this exercise the dog will be high strung. He will be glad to join you in any sport you chose. Most content in the country, this terrier would enjoy using his instinctive abilities out in the fresh air. Standing 14-20 inches high and weighing 26 – 40 pounds the Austrian Shorthaired Pinscher has a pear shaped head. His elbows are fairly close to the body, his feet well arched toes. This dogs puppies for sale has a relatively short muzzle and his chest well developed and wide. His hard topcoat which is short and an undercoat as well come in the common colors of red, black, brown, fawn brindle, or black/tan with limited white markings. Sometimes the tail is docked, others left to curl over the back While his bark makes him a fearless and attentive watch dog, barking at all suspicious sounds, it does not make him ideal for urban life. He will not get along with other dogs unless you as the alpha leader of the pack make it perfectly clear that fighting is unacceptable. These dogs puppies for sale are not a breed for an inexperienced owner. A firm, calm, confident, consistent handler must be familiar with canine instincts and establish themselves as the alpha leader. If not, the Austrian Pinscher will be telling you what they want to do. They have a tendency to bite. If you do not have the time or commitment to extensively work with and exercise your dog, as well as, establish yourself as the leader, this breed is not for you. However, if you are willing to make this commitment and follow through this breed will excel. The Austrian Shorthaired Pinscher does suffer from hip dysplasia. There is also a heart condition that is sometimes hereditary among this breed. Grooming is very simple with an occasional brushing. Their life span is about 12-14 years. Exercise is critical to this breed and if you don’t have a large yard long daily walks are a necessity. This dog is up for bike rides, walks, fly ball, agility or whatever you would like to do with him. Austrian Shorthaired Pinschers (Osterreichischer Kurzhaarpinscher) dogs puppies for sale are heavier than their cousins the German Pinschers. A traditional farm dog they were developed as a “farm biter” or a dog that drives livestock. They are happiest with a job to do and an “alpha” master. They will exercise themselves if on a farm and are happiest there. They are not suitable for a small apartment. Dogs that are almost identical to the contemporary Austrian Shorthaired Pinscher were featured in artwork from the late 1700s.



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