Most well known as a quiet dog the Basenji dogs puppies for sale are a breed whose first traces are found in Egyptian tombs in wall drawings made five thousand years ago. The breed was introduced to England in 1937 and was also called the Congo dog. English breeders refined it and exported it all over the world. In Africa the Basenji was used as a guide in the forest, to warn against dangerous animals, and to retrieve and point small game. It was also used as a driver of small game into nets. The first litter of Basenji dogs puppies for sale in the USA was raised to maturity in 1941 and recognized by the AKC in 1944. The Basenji, known as a quiet dog because of no barking, is smooth and muscular. They are athletic dogs but are on the small side. It has small almond shaped eyes and ears that are straight, small and erect. The tail is set high and curves over the back to the right or left. The coat is shiny, short and fine. It comes in pure black, copper, red, chestnut red or tri-color in combinations of black, tan and white, or black, brindle and white. AKC standards are for the dog to have white one the chest, tip of the tail and the feet. The Basenji does howl growl, crow and yodel (a low, liquid ululation), depending on its mood, but it does not bark. The Basenji dogs puppies for sale will grow to 115-17 inches in height and will weigh 20-26 pounds. They are happiest when living with two or three Basenji and do not fight with each other. The Basenji will live in an apartment if it gets enough exercise. It is very active as an indoor dog so a small yard might be better. The Basenji needs vigorous daily exercise and if they do not receive will become fat and lazy. This breed needs long daily walks. The Basenji will live for 10-12 years. The Basenji will groom themselves like a cat and has no doggie odor, very little grooming by its owner is needed. The dog sheds little to no hair and is an excellent pet for people with allergies. The Basenji dogs puppies for sale is prone to Fanconi’s syndrome (kidney problems), which must be treated immediately when symptoms are noticed. They are also susceptible to progressive retinal atrophy, intestinal, and eye problems. Most problems with the Basenji are because of a mis-match between owner and pet. The dogs are quiet only in that they make few sounds. They are a very active, energetic dog which is very curious, alert and affectionate. As long as they are handled from an early age they make a good pet and love to play. They are intelligent with a strong desire to please and respond very well to training. The Basenji dogs puppies for sale is somewhat reserved with strangers, but can form a strong bond with their human owners. The Basenji dislike wet weather. They love to chew and should be provided with their own chew toys in ample numbers. The love to climb and can climb over a chain link fence quite easily. Basenji should not be trusted with non canine pets and do best with older children who know how to display leadership with the dog. Basenjis are experts at getting their own way, not obstinacy but by charm. They need an owner who will consistently shows natural authority and who makes rules and sticks to them. If the owner understands canine behavior and demonstrates leadership they will have a wonderful pet, if not they will have behavior problems with the dog. An unusual pet if handled properly and treated well the Basenji dogs puppies for sale will be a wonderful pet, playful, obedient, loyal, and intelligent. You will love their companionship.


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