The Bloodhound puppies for sale look as if they are not paying attention to the world, but are just a happy go lucky dog. In truth, they are very aware of their world in terms of the smells around them. The Bloodhound breed is more than one thousand years old. Most scent hounds can trace their lineage back to the Bloodhound. The dog has been used to track lost children, criminals, coons, runaway slaves, deer and most any animal that travels on the ground. The hound is more interested in tracking that in finding; and has no interest at all in the kill. Bloodhounds are mild mannered, slow moving (unless on scent) pleasant dogs which are hard to obedience train. More interested in the smells around him his attention span is short. Bloodhounds were bred for one thing, scent tracking and they will do that better than others, to the exclusion of his name being called or his leash tightening around his neck. This breed is prone to hip dysplasia, ear infection and entropion (where the eyelids turn inward). Bloat is a possibility, so dogs should be fed 2—3 times a day, rather than one large feeding. They should not exercise after meals as they are inclined to have stomach cramps. Dogs puppies for sale will grow to 23-27 inches in height, and weigh 80-110 pounds. Their smooth coat is easy to care for. Groom with a hound glove, or a brisk rub with a rough towel or chamois and the coat will gleam. Bath only when absolutely necessary, smell is not an indicator as the Bloodhound has a natural distinctive doggy odor. The long floppy hound ears must be cleaned weekly as they are prone to infection because of the dark dampness. The eyes of a Bloodhound should be wiped with a clean damp cloth daily. These puppies for sale are kind, patient, mild-mannered, loveable and noble. The Bloodhound are excellent with children, children can climb on them hug them, rub them or hang on to their tail and the dog is pleased to have the attention. So good natured are the dogs that children must be instructed not to mistreat or hurt the dog. Bloodhounds have been known to ignore other dogs that are barking or growling and walk right by. Bloodhounds are hard to train and need a natural calm but stern authority to instruct them in what is expected. Often around the age of four or five months the dog will challenge your authority, you must be prepared and maintain firm, but not heavy handed authority, it is a test. Once you pass this test, you generally will have no more issues. Do not expect too much obedience from this dog, they are gentle ignorers, kind of like a husband with selective hearing they go about their own business, not really doing anything wrong but not listening to your commands. Continue your training and around the age of two they will mellow out, lose some of their energy and be easier to handle. As a tracker the bloodhound needs exercise equivalent to a tracking job two or three times a week, with a daily walk on a leash. Generally friendly they are territorial and will protect their homes if no one is home. Some Bloodhounds are more aggressive and do not welcome visitors at any time. When on a scent, everyone is welcome to join in. Known to snore and drool, Bloodhounds will live indoors or outside in a fenced yard, but human interaction is necessary. Bloodhounds are amazing in that they can track a human (most dogs cannot) whose trail is as much as 3 months old and will follow for over 100 miles. Bloodhound’s actions are accepted in court as evidence. Anytime a Bloodhound is free to run, they will. While they will stay with their owner for a while outside once a scent is caught they will be gone, returning only after they have run to their content, usually 10-12 hours. Loveable, kind, beautiful, so gentle and devoted a Bloodhound puppies for sale will be a joy to own.


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