Blue Lacy

Blue Lacy puppies for sale

This dogs puppies for sale was developed in Texas Hill country by four brothers with the last name of Lacy. When the Lacy’s moved from Kentucky to Texas in 1858, they found a need for a hog dog and through breeding of Greyhounds, scent hounds and coyotes, the Blue Lacy was born. Several sources say that the presence of the Lacy’s in the Hill Country influenced a famous novel “Old Yeller” as written by Fred Gipson, who was raised in a neighboring county. The Blue Lacy worked for colonial Americans for over a century in the Southwestern US. As family owned ranches disappeared so did the Blue Lacy. Near extinction it was rediscovered and brought back to viability by the United States Trappers, which prefer this masterful hunting companion to almost any other. All Lacy dogs puppies for sale carry a blue-color gene and no matter the color they exhibit on their coat they are referred to as a Blue Lacy. Colors of the coat can be blue (any shade of gray), red from light cream to rust or tri which combines these colors with a blue base and red markings as appropriate. White can appear on their chest, paws or stomach. All Blue Lacy dogs puppies for sale have bright yellow to orange in color. Their body is powerfully built, medium in size with a short sleek coat. While the Lacy enjoys being inside with his master, they were not meant for living in an apartment. If you live where you must leave your Lacy inside, alone, crating training is your best option. Otherwise the dog will be bored and become destructive. Eighteen to twenty-thee inches high and weighing 30-50 pounds, their short sleek coat requires very little in maintenance. Generally healthy, the dilute genes they carry may develop info Color Dilution Alopecia or other skin and coat issues. Excelling at working feral hogs, the Lacys dogs puppies for sale were further developed to help ranchers, cowboys, hunters and trappers. They are naturally territorial and do not do well with passive owners. If you are looking for a companion, ask if your dog was bred for gaming or more as a companion. Many breeders are attempting to cultivate a companion Blue Lacy. If you are an active outdoor person, Blue Lacy dogs puppies for sale may be for you. They have incredible determination and drive, they excel at the hard jobs of herding cattle and hunting wild boar. It is imperative that you remain a calm, consistent assertive leader for this dog. Lacys are alert, intelligent, active, and intense. They are happiest with a job. This are excellent dogs for an outdoorsman who is active on a daily basis. These dogs were bred to work hunting and herding and need the equivalent work to what was expected of them in the past. Known to be super gentle with children and family, the dogs puppies for sale will bond to such an extent when working with you, you believe they are reading you mind. Choose this dog if you want a working companion.



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